Rhea and Bin Laden

Rhea: The Rhea document was difficult to follow at first as he lays out sources. Once he begins to lay out the meat it becomes easier to understand. This gives me ideas on how to lay out my research in a more reader friendly way. The variety of resources gives us a good perspective on the different views of the people involved as well as an idea of the difficulties Rhea had to overcome in his desperate ploy to control the situation and convey his concerns to the people in power.

Bin Laden: This was a great article in my opinion. However this may be due to biases I had and a severe interest in this topic that most Americans do have. This leads me to have more carefully studied this article than the Rhea article. Also the Bin Laden article was presented more in a story like manner, which is easier to read than a layout of dry resources. While primary resources are immensely helpful, an article should present a story that is bolstered by these sources, not told through them. The author here did a great job of showing the perspectives of all who were involved in the raid, from the SEAL team to the President himself, painting a fully formed story for us to follow. Schmidle clearly did a lot of research to pull this together and his work paid off in the form of an excellent article.

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