Alan Sokal: Transgressing the Boundaries

This article was a very interesting read that severely threw me off. At first i closed and reopened it thinking there was no way it was the actual piece that we had to read. This article focused mostly on Einstein’s theories as well as geometry and space time. As i progressed through the reading i was waiting on a historical point or argument or metaphor due to our class being focused on history. After our discussion on the Rhea and Bin Laden pieces and what they mean as sources I reread this article and tried to discern why we were assigned this article. Unfortunately I am still in the dark for the most part as to why we were assigned it. The only reasoning i can see is that perhaps we were supposed to take note of the abstract concepts of time displayed in this article and gain an understanding that this universe and world is ever changing and evolving and that it will one day cease to exist.

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