Online Primary source Analysis

“The Decision To Use the Atomic Bomb” by Henry Lewis Stimson

1.   Briefly describe the source or sources.

This  source is a document written by fromer Secretary of War Henry Lewis Stimson (was S.O.W. from 1940-1945) on the decision by Truman and the White House Staff to drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan. This is a primary source that sepcifically outlines the reasoning behind the dropping of these bombs as well as the procedures that took place.

2.      When was the source written?
This source was written by Stimson in February of 1947.
3.      Who composed the source?
The Source was written by Henry Lewis Stimson and published in the Harper’s Magazine in February of 1947. The version I found is from Columbia University in their Asia for Educators program.
4.      Provide some information about the author.
 Stimson was a Republican Lawyer who was educated at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. Stimson served as Secretary of Sate from 1929-1933 under Herbert Hoover and was Secretary of War from 1911-1913 under William Howard Taft and from 1940-1945 under Franklin D. Roosevelt. At one point he was also Governor General of the Philippines.
5.      Under what conditions was the source composed?
This source was composed as a response to public criticism of the decision to use the atomic weapons against Japan.
6.      How will you use the source for your paper?
This source will be used as a primary source in my paper and will be used to show the arguments defending the usage of the Nuclear Weapons against Japan.
7.      What are some of the problems that you foresee in using this source for your paper? 

The Only Problem I foresee is that this article may be biased and arguing towards one side instead of pure analysis. I may want to find a source that argues the opposite point to counteract this article of just be careful and ensure i discard the bias and do not let it effect my opinion also.

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