3 questions and topic summary

1. Was President Truman Justified in ordering the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

2. What other options were available to Truman before making the decision?

3. How costly would the other options have been for the allied forces in attempting to take Japan?

My topic is going to be the Dropping of the Atomic bombs on Japan. These weapons decimated Japan bringing complete surrender and ushering in a new era of fear, destruction, and warfare on the world. During my research I am trying to find other options the Allies had as well as how costly they would be. Furthermore I will try and find the stances of the leaders of other Allied countries on how to defeat Japan. Then I will weigh those against the decision to use these new weapons to try and discern if the Truman administration  made the best decision. While doing the research and developing my thesis and argument I need to remember the huge amount of hatred Americans had towards the Japanese. The bombing of Pearl Harbor as well as a long, drawn out, and hellish war in the Pacific most Americans viewed the Japanese as insects or creatures that shouldn’t be given any mercy, to put it simply they were despised.  So another excellent question to consider is was the decision to drop the bomb greatly affected by this bias and hatred? All these things i need to consider and analyze in my paper and hopefully I can come to a clear and concise answer.

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