Soboul and Furet

In Soboul’s article he assess the French Revoltuion in a positive way that really expresses his upbringing. Soboul was born a poor farmer who quickly became a great scholar. He also joined the Communist party and was committed to Marxist believes. This is reflected through his interpretation of the French Revolution. In his opinion the revolution was clearly an example of the overtaxed middle class overcoming oppressive rule of the elite, creating a bloody but just revolution to give power to the just bourgeois.

In this article Furet addresses the historiography and the transformation of the French Revolution and its roots. Furet takes a much more negative view of the revolution. Furet argues that the revolution was a bloody conflict which replaced one elite ruling class with another, the difference being that the other used the people to do this. The people came in during a weakening period of an empire and seized control, leading to the Reign of Terror and the rise of Napoleon.

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